CCO Written Testing Changes


As of January 1, 2024, CCO will no longer administer a paper/pencil test. Candidates will be required to take the written test by choosing from 2 options: OPT or EOT (Event Online Testing). Clients can choose how their candidates take the written test.

Candidates can take the written test at home after Accredited Safety Solutions training class. Candidates would register themselves using the CCO portal, use their own computer, at their residence.  Candidates would receive testing pass or fail results immediately after testing.

Event Online Testing (EOT)
Event online testing is when a group of candidates take the written test on a computer at a client’s location, hotel conference room, or with Accredited Safety Solutions, in Danville, IN.

Client Location EOT and Hotel Conference Room Location EOT
Clients interested in offering CCO Event Online Testing (EOT) will need to become familiar with the EOT test site requirements and prepare to meet all the following criteria for hosting an EOT test administration. Facilities must meet the stated criteria, have supporting documentation, photos, and site plans. Requests must be submitted at least four weeks prior to the desired test date. CCO will process requests in the order they are received.  Most clients host classes at repeated locations throughout the year. We highly encourage all clients, with our help, to establish these addresses as EOT testing sites as soon as possible. EOT testing sites must be renewed annually.

To become an authorized CCO EOT test site, the facility must:
• Provide a physical address for the test site that can be verified. PO Box addresses are not permitted.
• Provide adequate parking for number of vehicles expected
• Provide convenient access to restrooms and drinking water
• Meet testing room requirements as outlined in EOT Testing Room Requirements
• Meet testing station requirements as outlined in section EOT Testing Station Requirements
• Meet technical requirements as outlined in section EOT Test Site Internet Requirements
• Identify number of testing stations

EOT Testing Room Requirements
The EOT testing room must meet the following requirements:
• Indoor facility suitable for EOT exam delivery
• Quiet, well-lit, and properly ventilated, with a comfortable temperature and free from distractions to candidates
• Adequate room acoustics, permitting all candidates to hear instructions given from the proctor workstation; if the room is large, provide a microphone and PA to ensure candidates furthest from the Proctor are able to hear verbal instructions clearly
• Accessible to candidates with special needs
• Large signs prominently posted directing candidates to the testing area
• Convenient access to restrooms stocked with sufficient supplies, located near the testing area; post directional signs if necessary
• Convenient access to drinking water
• One point of entry and exit; candidates must enter and exit through the same door
• Free of all training aids and training/reference materials, including without limitation, posters, writing on walls/boards, and handouts
• Depending on internet bandwidth, maximum of 42 candidate stations
• A proctor (person administering exam) workstation separate from candidate testing stations but in the same room

EOT Testing Station Requirements
Each proctor/candidate must be provided with a testing station meeting the following requirements.
• Table/desk
• Chair—must be comfortable, with a chair back, with appropriate height in relation to the testing station surface.
• Internet capability (wi-fi enabled recommended)
• Physical handheld whiteboard—maximum size 8½ in. × 11 in.; includes dry erase pen and eraser.
• One testing station per candidate
• Each testing station must be clearly labeled with a unique station number (e.g., Station 1, Station 2, etc.)
• Adequate separation and spacing, allowing for candidates and Proctors to move easily move around testing stations: — Minimum of 6 feet if testing stations are positioned side-by-side with no dividers — Minimum of 7 feet if testing stations are positioned in rows with candidates back-to-back or facing each other —

Classroom-style rows are not recommended; however, may be used if they meet the following requirements:
■ Minimum of 5 feet between rows with candidates front-to-back
■ Dividers required for all testing stations
■ Proctor workstation must be positioned behind all rows

EOT Test Site Internet Requirements
Locations planning to offer CCO Event Online Testing must be able to meet the following technical requirements:
• Minimum download speed of 1 Mbps per device (12Mbps recommended)
• Minimum upload speed of 1 Mbps per device (3 Mbps recommended)

Note: When determining required internet speeds for EOT, count the maximum number of candidates (one device per candidate) and add an additional device for the Proctor. For example, to determine the recommended internet download speed for an EOT test administration with 10 candidates, figure 10 candidates + 1 proctor = 11 devices × 12 Mbps per device = 132 Mbps total download speed. Similarly, the recommended upload speed would be 11 devices × 3 Mbps = 33 Mbps total upload speed.

Computers will be set up at your approved CCO EOT testing location for training and testing day. Candidates will immediately receive a pass or fail result after the completion of the test.

Again, we highly recommend our clients to begin the EOT testing site authorization process for any sites that have been frequently used in the past. We understand this process may seem overwhelming. As always, Accredited Safety Solution, Inc. is here to guide you through the process of establishing EOT sites.

Please email [email protected] to begin the EOT site process.