Accredited Safety Solutions, Inc plans for all level of experience and knowledge levels of students. Our classrooms plans and materials have been perfected over many years with several experienced operators, educated safety personnel, and professionals in the education industry to ensure the quality can accommodate for all learning styles. We have plans in place for when changes occur, including inclement weather, candidate, location changes, etc.


Accredited Safety Solutions, Inc instructors come to class prepared with everything needed to have a successful class; including rosters, extra material, all needed forms required for testing with NCCCO, CAD drawings, pencils, highlighters, projector etc.

Accredited Safety Solutions, Inc will provide a book for each student to allow them material to study outside of the room. Our instructors present material in a concise manner including personal experience operating to provide a practical explanation. Our administration team registers all needed test sites, candidates, and equipment prior to class with NCCCO. The admin team also keeps a clear record of communication with our clients so everyone is prepared and ready for our arrival.


Our instructors take breaks for Q&A sessions throughout the presentation to ensure all candidates are following the material presented. Practice questions and exams are also provided to check in on knowledge retained during class.

Accredited Safety Solutions, Inc monitors results reports of NCCCO exams and addresses any classes that have less than an 85% pass rate with the instructor immediately to continue to improve our class plans. Our Administration team contacts with clients before, during, and after to address any concerns that may arise.