Overhead Crane Rigging Failure

In 2018 we were hired to retrain 250 employees in rigging selection/application, rigging inspections, overhead crane operation, overhead crane inspection, root cause analysis and standard operating procedures revisions.  By reviewing the video you will see the workers in close proximity to the falling felt roll on the upper and lower deck.  The sling was determined to be adequate, however it was pinched causing it to sever and the result was a near miss, damaged product, and shut down of this line.

Things to consider:

  • Never sling around a sharp object and always use padding of sufficient size and durability to prevent cutting
  • If using a choke hitch always size your slings to allow the sling to work on the main body, not the choke eye fitting
  • Load test a few inches prior to lifting
  • Inspect rigging before, during and after use by a “qualified rigger”
  • A double wrap choke hitch provides the best load security
  • Use the same manufacture and understand the color of slings as compared to working load limits
  • Have a pre-lift meeting and follow the plan
  • Never ever get between a load and fixed object, on the load or under a load